Social Media Startup Reports Exponential Growth

Social media upstart MySpacebook reported today that its user base grew exponentially in 2012, and predicted that the pattern will continue “for the foreseeable future”.

At a year-end presentation to investors and employees, founder and CSO (Chief Synergy Officer) Mark Zuckerman announced the exciting trend. “In this space, we really are the David battling Goliath. Sure, the F-word (Facebook) is larger in terms of raw numbers, but their growth has leveled off to a steady rate of around ten percent per annum.

“We, on the other hand have experienced one hundred percent growth per annum since we went live in January 2010. Now I’m not Pollyana my friends, the wheat and chessboard problem tells us this can’t go on forever, but I do know that we are just getting started AND we have a lot of room to grow and A LOT OF WORK LEFT TO DO!”, Zuckerman thundered over a rousing standing ovation.

Since its inception, MySpacebook has seen its user base grow from two users, Zuckerman and co-founder Joseph Leibrandt, to a total of four users by December 2010. After a sluggish early 2011, growth exploded over the summer, and the user community, by then known as “chums”, had grown to a robust and vibrant population of eight users.

The trend continued unabated throughout 2012, when growth in terms of new users was actually greater than one hundred percent, but the untimely death of Leibrandt’s grandmother reduced the number of active (logged in within the last three months) users by approximately six percent.

Zuckerman announced several initiatives to help continue the company’s meteoric growth. “We have really focused on developing tools to help spur adoption of our brand. The MySpacebook widget can be added to any web page, and will allow our users to easily “Enjoy” almost any type of web content. “Enjoyed” content will eventually show up on a user’s “Board”, so that their chums can see updates by manually refreshing their page, triggering a full-page postback to our server.”

Industry insiders and tech watchers agree that Zuckerman and MySpacebook are poised to become integral parts of the so-called “technoverse” in 2013. The Gardner Group has listed MySpacebook as a “Contestant” in the social media segment using its “Fantastic Quadrilateral” competitive analysis methodolgy.

Liam McGillicuddy of the tech blog TechMunch wrote, “Dismiss Zuckerman at your own risk. Just look at what he did with Giggle (search engine) and YeeHaw (news and content aggregator, web portal). As far as I’m concerned, the success of MySpacebook is a foregone conclusion. I’m more interested in what he’s doing with Tittergram, that’s where the smart money is going”.


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