Inspirational Season Ends With Heartbreaking Loss For Team With Vomiting Horse Logo

vomiting bronco

The Ft. Collins Fungoes, a semi-pro team that had exceeded expectations all season, lost a hard-fought, double overtime playoff game 38-35, to the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens.

The underdog Fungoes, who were drafted at the last-minute to fill in for the Denver Broncos when the entire Broncos team was suspended for violations of the NFL’s Substance Abuse Policy, led for much of the game and were in a position to win, until a mis-played deep pass allowed the Ravens to tie the game with 31 seconds left in regulation. From there, the teams battled in a tightly contested overtime, with the Ravens ultimately kicking a game-winning field goal to advance to the AFC Championship Game.

The Fungoes, whose team logo bears a striking resemblance to that of the Broncos, are named after the horse of a 19th century prospector named Cyrus McDonough. Fungoe became a local legend due to a neurological condition that caused the horse to vomit every time McDonough brought the animal to town.

At press time, the Ravens were reportedly pecking at the eyes of the vanquished, stricken Fungoes as they laid on the field, exhausted and demoralized.


2 thoughts on “Inspirational Season Ends With Heartbreaking Loss For Team With Vomiting Horse Logo

  1. Yes, Im afraid ol’ Fungoe is spinning around in his vomit-soaked grave after that one. I expected a plague of interceptions to torment all Colorado football teams,NFL and lesser leagues after His departure.

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