Annual Super Bowl Mayoral Bets

The annual tradition of wagers between the mayors of Super Bowl team cities was renewed once again, as the “stakes” were jointly announced today by San Fransisco mayor Edwin M. Lee and Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

“If, as expected, our 49ers triumph, I will ban the use of plastic grocery bags in Baltimore City. Baltimore County and other jurisdictions in the greater Baltimore area will not be affected”, Lee announced.

“And when, not if, the Ravens win, I will murder one citizen of San Fransisco City, chosen at random, near their residence. The homicide will resemble a ‘drug-related’ execution, and may or may not also involve robbery, the proceeds of which will be donated to a San Francisco charity”, Rawlings-Blake countered.

The bet, which has traditionally been seen as a harmless publicity stunt for both politicians, has taken on a new sense or urgency for residents of both communities, as the consequences of a loss, and the resulting payout, are seen as potentially disastrous for the lifestyles of both cities.


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