Man Outraged By Obama’s Appointment Of Ben Gozzy As Gun Czar

Salem man Floyd Givens expressed his displeasure today with President Obama’s appointment of Ben Gozzy as the so-called “Gun Czar”, who is charged with overseeing the federal seizure of every firearm in America.

“I read on the Facebook this morning about how that Commie-Nazi in the White House appointed some Libyan fella as Gun Czar”, the concerned citizen explained. “The Senate tried to filibuster his appointment, but Obama changed the Constitution and put the guy in charge anyway.

“He’ll have unlimited power to come into your house and take your guns, and you can’t do anything about it”, Givens continued. “They’ll have a platoon of Marines with them when they come, so good luck trying to resist. They said that the roundup will begin immediately in the Red states, and will expand to the Blue states as soon the troops start coming back from Iranistan.

“And, just to make things worse, any old people they find will have to go before death panels to see if they should be put down by Obamacare. Obama-Dont-care is more like it.”

As of press time, the liberal media conspiracy has remained conspicuously silent about this latest assault on freedom.


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