Woman Writes Blog In Hopes Of Meeting That One Special Money Making Scheme

Salem woman Karen Charles, 41, has been writing her WordPress blog for over three months, and expressed frustration today with her inability to establish a meaningful connection with another blog that offers real opportunities for financial gain combined with, at a minimum, marginally readable content.

“I’m too old for the Facebook scene”, the jaded journalist explained. “At this point in my life, I’m not so interested in fireworks. I just want to find a Follower that I can count on to help me generate a stable revenue stream and to provide an occasional laugh or some semblance of emotion or insight.

“At the risk of sounding immodest”, Charles continued, “I have no shortage of people who want to Follow me. I put a nice picture of myself up, I write about a variety of topics, including the occasionally ‘coquettish’ post, and I must say, I have ‘met’ some nice people who do seem to truly identify with some of my work.”

While she appreciates these connections, Charles pointed out that sentiment and transient emotional bonding are very difficult to monetize. She described an aching void within her bank account and, although she is often pouring out her innermost thoughts, hopes, and dreams, she has yet to find her one true wealth-mate.

“The best analogy for my situation is that of a beautiful woman alone in a bar. I basically have a few imbeciles who are totally out of their league who want to Follow me, and when I get a look at their tiny sites, sometimes I swear that their content is generated by some kind of homemade AI (Artificial Intelligence) software that literally just concatenates random English words together.

“Or maybe it’s like a chicken that picks the Super Bowl winner. Only in this case, the chicken walks around on a bunch of pieces of paper with words on them, and every word it steps on for an hour becomes the blog post content. Naturally, these dolts expect me to send them my contact information so that they can “reveal” the secrets of blog-based financial independence to me. Come on”, Charles complained.

“I admit, a few months ago, when I was younger and less worldly, I’d Follow any blog that even Liked me and offered a way to make easy money, but it always ended up the same way. Me, home alone, with no positive cash flow and getting spammed like crazy by someone I fell head over heels in Like with.”

The wiser, perhaps somewhat cynical Charles proclaimed that at this point, she won’t even Like a blog post from a site that doesn’t have a its own registered domain name.


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