Species’ Relentless Self-Loathing Continues Unabated

The most advanced species of World F65AB38 in Region 137BD continues to exert a sustained, unconscionable campaign of violence against itself, reflecting profound psychological problems that virtually guarantee its own, imminent extinction, Gorthrar [177738] of the Observation Array reported today.

The variety of manifestations of brutality is nearly unlimited, according to the observer. From spontaneous, individual attacks to painstakingly planned assaults occurring on a macro-scale, the level of per capita violence is characteristic of a species that practices predatory cannibalism, although this species rarely does. Violence among mating pairs or between different sexes is commonplace.

Violence is perpetuated by the strong upon the weak, by the old upon the young, and the converse of both cases is equally likely. Attacks are carried out indiscriminately by individuals with grossly malfunctioning brains, as well as by those who choose to ignore or are unable to comply with the well-defined, well-publicized, shared standards of conduct that are common across virtually all societal sub-types.

Large-scale, well-organized altercations are often initiated over resources or territory, by groups organized by arbitrary, artificially drawn lines of demarcation. Similarly, many of the most heinous clashes are premised upon skewed interpretations of regional mythologies.

Though often malleable, in almost every case these mythologies are unimpeachable in their opposition to intra-species violence, nonetheless they are regularly subverted by particularly depraved beings seeking to exert dominion over genetically almost-identical brethren.

Gorthrar [177738] recommended that the Observation Array immediately cease all focus on F65AB38, and devote its finite resources towards monitoring one of the myriad of other, less advanced species that had somehow managed to achieve a collective consciousness that eschews self-destruction.


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