Lawrence The Network Engineer Channels, Lampoons Suburban Zeitgeist

In a raucous, free-wheeling performance at Salem’s Facegram Auditorium, comedic force of nature Lawrence the Network Engineer dazzled the capacity crowd with his trademark brand of catchphrase and character-driven humor, masterfully giving voice to (and gently tweaking) the middle-class, suburban American human condition.

The extravaganza featured a combination of monologues, skits, video shorts, and even musical numbers, all served up with a generous portion of Lawrence’s patented slogan, “Resolve Those Action Items!”.

Lawrence Gives His Fractured Take On Modern, Elite Life

Lawrence Offers His Fractured Take On Suburban, Middle-Class Existence

The multimedia medley combined classic Lawrence bits such as his meditations on excessive administrative and transaction fees in his employer-provided 401(k) and his perfunctory marital relations with “Mrs. Network Engineer” (an HR Generalist at the “network services” company), as well as edgier new material about their ADHD-afflicted son Lawrence Jr., and the long-term unemployment of “Randy”, Lawrence’s racquetball partner. Both the vintage and the fresh material evoked thunderous responses from the enthusiastic audience.

Lawrence’s ability to connect on a personal level with his adoring fans was evident throughout the event. “When he told that long, elaborate story about historically-low money market returns, I felt like he was talking about me, not some non-existent ‘everyman’, made up of a composite of characteristics that vaguely resembled me”, marveled attendee Nathan Pomeroy.

The two and one-half hour performance concluded with three encores, including his iconic ten minute diatribe about an unpopular special assessment that his homeowner’s association levied to repair a shoddily built clubhouse.

Lawrence will be performing in Salem through Sunday, which will conclude his triumphant “Leveraging My Core Competencies” tour.

After a brief respite, the tireless performer will spend the summer aboard a re-launch of the Grey Collar Comedy Tour, featuring Jeff Goldsworthy (“You might be a worker bee…”), Bill Engblom (“Here’s your layoff notice”), and Ron Knight (recovering alcoholic).


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