Phonyon Not Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army

Lack Of Hostility Towards Assad Regime, Crappiness Of Content Cited

The Phonyon, America’s Goodest News Source, was not the victim of a security breach launched by the Syrian Electronic Army, nor would it likely be at any time in the future, alleged representatives of the cabal reported today.

“We, the Syrian Electronic Army, have no intention of attacking The Phonyon, despite it’s professed adoration of the evil, Zionist-fueled propaganda machine,  The Onion, America’s Finest News Source“, hacker Monsour89, who claimed to represent the SEA, posted on several well-known hacker forums.

“We did think about it, purely based upon its association with The Onion, but then lunch came.” Monsour89’s explanation continued. “Afterwards, we were going to attack it, but then we started looking at it, and we came to our senses.

“First of all, it’s a WordPress blog. If we had interns maybe we would let them practice on it, but we don’t. Then, we started examining it, and not finding any anti-Assad disinformation, we realized what a pathetic, pointless exercise it is.

“I mean, did you read some of that stuff? And it’s not like it’s that popular. I mean some posts might have ten likes or a couple of comments, but it’s like a desert there.”

“And trust me, I know deserts”, Monsour89 added, with a winking emoticon.

Monsour89’s statement concluded by describing a pragmatic, wait-and-see approach with respect to the future security and integrity of The Phonyon.

“Ultimately, while we tend to be rigorous ideologues, we do recognize that there is such a thing as piling on. Honestly, The Phonyon has so many other problems, it just wouldn’t be right or even necessary to compound them by seizing control of it. We’ll keep our eyes on it, but we figure that the staff will lose interest in a few weeks.

“Sometimes these problems take care of themselves”, Monsour89 noted sagely.


2 thoughts on “Phonyon Not Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army

  1. “and trust me, I know a desert. ;-)” that s*** mad me literately LOL.

    Thanks man, I’m gonna sub. Oh and BTW, if you want a little help with your blog’s layout, I’d be happy to give some pointers (I’m no Web Designer or anything, but I did dabble for a little while so I have some chops).

    Again, thanks for the laugh!

    – Raven Vinnie

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