“Madman” Best Show On Television According To Pathetic Poseur

Citing its non-stop action, profane humor and dazzling special effects, tragically misinformed Salem man Ron Schiffler professed his appreciation today for the television program Madman, according to several witnesses.

Schiffler reportedly proclaimed his fondness for the non-existent series while waiting in line at the Tremorz Coffee located on Lincoln Avenue in North Salem, after overhearing fellow patrons enthusiastically discussing last night’s episode.

Schiffler explained to shocked onlookers that the series’ protagonist, a PCP-dealing California mobster recently diagnosed with Lupus, is one of the great tragicomic characters in television history.

“I love that guy’s manic energy, and his antics when he’s placed in those wild situations are just hilarious”, the empty husk of a human being remarked.

He also noted that the groundbreaking use of a “rock” music soundtrack further enhances the captivating, sensory rich viewing experience.

“I haven’t felt so strongly about a show since Seinfield was in its’ heyday”, Schiffler added as he left the establishment, cappuccino and cronut in hand.


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