Just like Cyanide is a loving tribute to the band Poison, the Phonyon is a loving tribute to The Onion, America’s Finest News Source. It’s like a phony Onion.

Unlike Cyanide, however, we aren’t some pathetic cover band. The Phonyon does all originals man, unless otherwise noted.

The Phonyon is a satire and parody web site. Any named persons described in the content, with the exception of well-known public figures, are fictitious.

Our staff consists of “well-thought-of” autodidacts with a wide range of interests and passions, including:

Satire Parody Caricature Causticity
Chaffing Irony Kittens Lampoonery
Mockery Pasquinade Persiflage Play-on
Put-on Raillery Sarcasm Send-up
Spoof Sports Sunsets Takeoff
Travesty Wit

Unlike the Onion, we will tolerate your feedback...

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