“Madman” Best Show On Television According To Pathetic Poseur

Citing its non-stop action, profane humor and dazzling special effects, tragically misinformed Salem man Ron Schiffler professed his appreciation today for the television program Madman, according to several witnesses.

Schiffler reportedly proclaimed his fondness for the non-existent series while waiting in line at the Tremorz Coffee located on Lincoln Avenue in North Salem, after overhearing fellow patrons enthusiastically discussing last night’s episode. Continue reading


Chad To Withdraw Troops From Central African Republic, Josh’s Troops Will Remain

Reuters reported today that Chad would withdraw its troops from an African Union peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic, but The Phonyon, America’s Goodest News Source has learned that the troops of Josh will remain deployed “for the foreseeable future”.

Chadian soldiers, with the support of the Joshuan military, have been at the forefront of efforts to stabilize CAR following its descent into religious conflict last year, in the aftermath of the overthrow of the majority Christian government by Seleka rebels. Continue reading

Phonyon Hiatus Not Caused By NSA-Sanctioned Extra-Judicial Rendition

Dear Reader,

As you have undoubtedly noticed, The Phonyon, America’s Goodest News Source, has been on hiatus for the past several months. We deeply regret the aching sense of despair, triggered by our inability to deliver a steady stream of world-class journalism, which was undoubtedly experienced by our loyal followers.

While a detailed account of the reasons for our absence cannot be adequately chronicled within the restrictive size constraints of a WordPress blog post, rest assured that the disappearance of our entire organization was most definitely not the result of an elaborate, precisely orchestrated mass-kidnapping, in which the entire Phonyon staff was spirited away to an undisclosed location for weeks of relentless interrogation and borderline torture. Continue reading